0-38 NHS Trusts in less than 2 Years – Investing in what Matters most

0-38 NHS Trust in less than 2 Years


0-38 NHS Trust in less than 2 Years

Essential Healthcare Solutions managing director Tom Owens, talks about the tremendous success growth experienced in the past two years underpinned by our unswerving commitment to raise the standard of care in our country.

“We put some first-class products together clinically backed with evaluation papers written behind them, which gives them credibility and demonstrates performance and outcomes. When we started adding all this together and putting that all this together that what makes Essential Healthcare the company that it is today…”

“…When we started then to promote that to our customer base, and we have gone from 0-38; that is where people that we have dealt with and we built that customer base up; they’ve seen demonstrated measurable performance outcomes from what we can offer them. And we are improving their Healthcare situation all the time.”

“Better patient outcome, better product performance, better financial performance, and so on, that’s what helps us to build that reputation…”

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