Lesley Easthope volunteers and goes back to nursing


Back to Nursing Voluntarily –
Once a nurse always a nurse! 

At Essential Healthcare we’re so very proud of our Lesley, selflessly back on the front line voluntarily, working for her local NHS trust supporting them in the fight against Covid-19 doing whatever she can to help the amazing nursing and trust staff.

Lesley trained in Liverpool and qualified in 1980 – she moved into industry as a Clinical Advisor and maintained her professional nursing registration. “As our Clinical & Contracts Manager it absolutely came as no surprise when Lesley approached me at the beginning of March to ask if, as a company we would agree to her volunteering to support her local Trusts during the Covid-19 crisis – undeterred by contracting and recovering from Covid-19 herself – she was still adamant that on the front line is where she wanted and needed to be – she’s very persuasive our Lesley – how could I refuse!” – (Debbie Murry – Clinical & Commercial Director – Essential Healthcare Solutions Ltd)

Several weeks later she’s completely in her element back on the front line, loving the camaraderie and doing her best to positively contribute to patient care during these extraordinary and challenging times.

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