TREZZO HS with DURA-last

TREZZO HS with DURA-last

In our commitment to raising the standard of care, we do not compromise on quality and longevity. Our TREZZO HS with DURA-last has been independently demonstrated to be a cost-effective way of reducing the likelihood of pressure ulcer development in vascular and stroke patients.

Given the current climate surrounding the effective use of healthcare resources and funding, it is essential to investigate ways in which costs can be reduced while maintaining high-quality care for patients. Savings can be made by continuing to prevent pressure ulcers. That is why we have developed our unique, innovative mattress TREZZO HS with Dura-last.

Data from the department of health (DH, 2010) details the cost of treating a category 1 pressure ulcer to be approximately £1,214 rising to £14,108 for a category 4 pressure ulcer.

The daily management cost of pressure ulcers is estimated to be between £43 to £374, dependent on the associated complication, in addition to the costs of standard care (Dealey et a., 2012; National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE, 2014).

In a 2013 paper, Clancy estimated the 2012 NHS spend on rental and purchase of pressure redistributing mattresses and beds to be more than £100m. Besides, High Specification Foam mattress cost around £120-£200; and dynamic mattresses cost around £3,500 £3,600 (NICE).

Our challenge was to develop a high standard product that will deliver outstanding quality of care whilst reducing other costs associated with support surfaces and pressure ulcer prevention.

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