TREZZO with DURA-last cover technology – St. Helens & Knowsley NHS Trust Study

Trezzo HS St Helens & Knowsley Trust Study

TREZZO HS with DURA-last Cover Technology provides both clinical and financial benefit by reducing the incidence of Pressure Ulcers and significantly extending mattress life, as evidenced by St Helens & Knowsley Teaching Hospital NHS Trust study. Where the Trust has experienced no DURA-last cover failures since the initial implementation of the evaluation in April 2016.

DURA-Last mattress cover validation was facilitated by Debbie Gleeson, Tissue Viability Lead at St. Helen & Knowsley Teaching Hospital NHS Trust. In 2016 the Trust implemented a 3-step mattress audit process following each episode of single patient use as the number of mattress failures experienced by the Trust was becoming a concern in relation to patient safety and were having a significant impact on under pressure budgets. This involved initial inspection of each mattress by the ward-based domestic and concerning observations resulted in the mattress being taken out of use and escalated to the supervisor who subsequently escalated any concerning findings to the Tissue Viability Team for a final decision.

In the 12 months before the implementation of the TREZZO HS mattresses with DURA-last cover technology, the Trust had condemned and replaced 405 mattresses equating to 53% of the installed mattress base. 40 TREZZO HS mattresses with DURA-last cover was implemented into circulation and were subject to the robust 3 step audit process. The analysis was completed by the Trust for 15 months, which identified that no mattresses had failed.

Essential Healthcare was appointed sole supplier of foam support surfaces for the Trust in October 2017. Currently, the Trust has over 500 TREZZO HS mattresses with DURA-last cover technology, and there have been no cover or mattress failures since the initial implementation in April 2016. Additionally, the Trust has experienced a reduction in the incidence of Category 2 Pressure Ulcers

In addition to growth, we are now experiencing with TREZZO with DURA-last technology, an established credibility of the Essential brand as a solution-driven company.

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